1. Derogatory term for a person of Heterosexuality

2. The Heterosexual equivalent of a "Faggot"
"I heard Jordan had sex with every girl ever"
"Ew! What an Arrow!"
by The Sankinator May 16, 2012
Noun. Darts, the equipment and the game itself.
"Lets go down to the pub, down a coupla lagers, and play a few lotsa arrows!"
by Dylan Hewson April 11, 2005
Those satanic little...devices that blur up the screen in Dance Dance Revolution. Overexposure to arrows can cause arrow-related hallucinations over an indefinite period of time.
After attempting MAX 300 ten times straight, John kept seeing arrows in his nightmares.
by Cpt.Bob November 20, 2004
the small, wooden or metal shaft shot from a bow with feathers for keeping straight
by The Wraith November 05, 2003
In the film, "The Point", Arrow is the beloved dog of the main character, Oblio.
"I will name my dog Arrow because that is the name of Oblio's dog."
by Daedra October 06, 2005
First discovered in 1994, Arrow is a type of hardcore gamer who drinks milk out of a bag and eats sour dough ice cream. If you were to run into an Arrow you would be quickly convinced that Arrow is really not important at all to human life.
I could have sworn an Arrow was sippin on some milk in the park the other day.
by KHart777 March 07, 2009
God Gift To Women ....Arrow
Arrow Was Sent Down From The Heavens By Arrow Him Self As A Gift For The Horney Masses Of Sex Starved Women
by Arrow April 24, 2004

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