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A savoury snack wrapped in foil for optimum taste and freshness. Manufactured by Arnott's, an Australian company that specializes in unhealthy after-school treats.

They are baked, not fried and claim to contain no artificial colours or flavours, which is unusual considering the most popular flavour is 'barbecue' and they are clearly not barbequed or contain any ingredients that are or could be barbequed.

Other flavours include: pizza, cheese and bacon, cheddar and chicken crimpy.
Being italian, Leah refuses to eat Arnott's Shapes unless of course they are of the pizza variety.
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by craig_s September 29, 2007
A savoury treat containing:

Weat flour, veggie oil, starch, salt, yeast, tomato powder, garlic, suger, parsley,worcestershire sauce, onion powder, raising agents, veggie extract, spice, flavour enchancer, emulsifuer, antioxidants,malt extract.
"What do you want to eat after school?"

"Shapes....Arnott's Shapes, they are sooo yummylicious"
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by bingbongbangboo September 04, 2011
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