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1. A term used by Mechanics... This is done when a person refuses to use a Torque Wrench, because they think they can gauge how much pressure is needed by feel. 2. When a mechanic thinks all nuts or bolts should be tightened down as hard as they can twist. 3. A person who thinks you should be as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger to tighten anything.
1. Joebob was installing headers on my engine. He said he does not need a Torque Wrench because he uses Arnold Torque and can feel the pop in his elbow.

2. Joebob used the power of Arnold Torque on my head bolts until they were smoking. He guarantees that the bolts will never come out... EVER AGAIN!!!

3. Joebob tightened the lid on my soda with Arnold Torque and now I can not open it.
by Jamyz December 19, 2011
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