A man who is a decent person, and has supported many of the public interests in California. However, he has failed in the same place Grey Davis did. He has done nothing new to balance the budget. He merely took many loans, and somehow the intelligent californias are none-the-wiser.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: They are GIRLI MEN
by John Smith January 04, 2005
Largely (no pun intended) inept governor of California. He rode into that position easily as he was a multimillionaire hollywood star (what qualifications!!)up against the corrupt gray davis, and then barely won in re-election because his fading star appeals to the fading brains of California voters. He has had many great achievments in life that's true, but now his influence, and everything else that he symbolizes, is waning. The sport that he once popularized, for instance, is also losing popularity and becoming a parody of itself as the contenders get increasingly aethetically unpleasant, lack good symmetry, disproportioned, etc.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was quite a go-getter in his time but now his star is fading. Oh well--the culture moves on.
by shealee March 21, 2009
Governor of California. Does the voice of 'McBain' in the Simpsons
Wimpy Democrat: You don't have a clue about politics, do you?
Arnie: Shaaat aaap you puny little maaan

Reporter: What are you going to do about LA's crime rate?
Arnies: Uzi's for everywaaan!!
by Rambo March 13, 2004
A former bodybuilder who was a pretty bad actor but a good republican govenor for california.
Kindergarten cop and twins and juinor were Arnold Schwarzenegger comedies, Terminator and last action hero were his action movies.
by Alexsun March 02, 2008
My friend Sam Shriver's (nephew of Maria Shriver, Arnolds wife)uncle!
"He has the most awsome house and a hummer in almost ever color"! - Sam
by only the coolest girl March 24, 2005
A stupid ass tool who tried his luck at politics and got his ass handed to him.
Dude... have you gone to www.whovotedforthisidiot.com and seen Arnold Schwarzenegger in his pink speedos?
by John Conners September 17, 2008
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