A tiny plastic toy that no matter how many black cats you strap to it will NOT blow up. Every kid who has seen Toy Story has wanted to try it anyway.
"Dude let's blow up an army man."

"Lost cause."
by blickery July 13, 2008
Top Definition
Army Men are a simple,green plastic that is molded into little
army men. These were first made out of metal until they were
then made of plastic. These can be bought at most toy stores,
hobby shops,and markets. They are often used in a sandbox
and out-door areas. Most of the Army Men sets include
2 Tanks,40-60 Army Men,2 Rock Walls,2 flags,
12 rocks,and some trees. The two basic teams
are tan and green.
My friends and I lit army men on fire.
by Butt314 February 25, 2007
Army Men. A series of terrible games made by the now bankrupt company 3DO. Army men games came in many genres, but none of them were done particularly well, and even the best were only average.
Casual Gamer:Hey the new army men game is out.

Avid Gamer:Who cares? they all suck.

Hardcore Gamer: Everything sucks but Megaman and StreetFighter.
by Chaltab March 04, 2005
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