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An armor perk in Halo: Reach that is used by 6 year old n00bs who took their dad's copy of the game off of the top shelf and are soon to be beat with a belt because of it. They use it during Matchmaking Games because they've pissed their pants out of fear and are too scared to mindlessly spam grenades or spray with the assault rifle.

If you use armor lock throughout an entire match and at the end the screen tells you that you won, this is most likely an error and you should not take it too seriously. Because if you used armor lock, you didn't win anything and you fucking suck.
Real Player (Only Using Sprint): *Throws A Plasma Grenade* "Good I got a kill. (assuming that the enemy will die)"
Retarded Player: *Turns On Armor Lock, Sticky Falls Off* "Too..scared.. to use..any other...shitty maneuvers."
*Everyone Else Crowds Around Retard Player, Waiting For Him/Her To Stop Being A Pussy. Whoever Survives The Massive Close-Range Firefight After Gets To Teabag The Armor Locker.*
by xXSnakeFistXxV2 November 27, 2010
Its an Armor ability in Halo: Reach
Whille in armor lock you can't move or shoot
Useful against Explosif wepons (Rocket launcher, fuel rod gun, plasma grenades)
Not the best Ability, if you want to proove that your not a noob
Your in a match, you see some noob spawn camping with the rocket launcher. He shoots at you, you use the armor lock, you survive
by DehNoobShow October 03, 2011
The act of laughing so hard, that you black out, and your muscles lock up in their current position, until you wake up and start laughing again.
Oh my god, I was laughing so hard I went into Armor Lock.
by highkids October 31, 2010

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