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A kick-ass person who is an overall wonderful person and is exceptionally good at making others laugh & being the best person ever.
"Aw, will you really stay with me all night in my time of need?"
"Are you sure I can borrow $200 dollars?"
"Hehe, even though I just got shot in the face, you really know how to make me feel better."

All: "You're so Armon-tastic ~"
by Adam Hunter November 17, 2006
When a man ejaculates in his pants.
When he was getting dry humped by Hannah, all he could do was armon.
by bus4 August 07, 2012
some thing sexual, or immature.
person a:hahah boobies

person b:wow, your being so armon
by sexyguyman1134 September 05, 2009
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