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A super dope crunk ski company that exclusively makes twin tips.
Armada skis are super dope crunk!
by Jarrod March 24, 2005
A giant fleet of warships or battle-tanks or something of the sort. Usually seen in alien sci-fi movies or futuristic movies. Several examples in Star Wars
in Star Wars when the Jedi are fighting enemy armadas of space ships driven by droids.
by Masquerade Zero July 26, 2011
An offensive word used for anything and everything offensive all at the one time.
Person 1: hey you're such a bitch / slut / loser / tool / nerd / skank / hoe / freak / fatperson.. etc
Person 2: You mean I'm an armada?!?!
Person 1: yeah, pretty much
Person 2: I'm gonna go die in a rectum now.
by emz-n-ez November 23, 2006
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