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One who excessively criticises others athletic attempts while failing to excel or even attempt to achieve athletic success themselves.
"I can't watch the boxing with Dave anymore, he tuts all the time and says both guys are crap"
"Isn't Dave like 5 stone overweight"
"And doesn't he get out of breath just going to the fridge"
"what an arm chair athlete"
#backseat driver #backseat gamer #critic #armchair jock #armchair quarterback
by wolfman10 November 15, 2009
someone who watches sports like the olympics and when their favourite sports team or sportsman / woman loses they yell obscenities at their TV in a vain attempt to say they they could have done better than them
"usless bl**dy stupid @#$%&, how could you lose like that"?

be quiet Bob - you're such an armchair athlete!
#olympics #sport #athlete #lazy #armchair
by Dyna Bolter July 26, 2012
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