A short, fat, trollish, greek usually female but could possibly be mistake as a male. She likes to sell pussy on the streets in tuperwear. She likes to sprinkle a little extra garlic sauce of them for flavor.

She can also take any word in English and tell you the root of the word means pussy.
Arlet: Alright lets take the word "Umbrella" Umbrella is like when you ella lala la down there. Which is pussy There-ya go!"

"Damn Mark that's you're third date this week, you're such an Arlet"
by trollloafer May 07, 2009
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She is the most beautiful,Funny,And Amazing girl shes not greedy..She hates politics..Shes outstanding and shes really sweet she loves soccer and she makes a amazing girlfriend..Shes lovable and shes a really nice person on the inside and she doesnt care what people say about her
That girl i..she should be an Arlet!
by ImAwesome(; June 16, 2011

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