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While in the act of receiving a blowjob commonly referred to as a b.j. or getting head, the blowjob recipient punches the blowjob giver in the nose. This will produce a large amount of blood which will be able to come out of the mouth if the giver spits. As the recipient blows his load at the same time the giver spits the blood on it, this action should produce a red bloody liquid on the penis. The recipient will then fuck the giver until the red is no longer present on the penis. (Has better effect when either of the participants has recently shaved their genital area, giving it the effect of a prickly cactus.)
I was mad at my bitch, so I gave her an Arizona Cactus Swallower.

Last night I tried the Arizona Cactus Swallower on this slut and she liked it.
by jizzman520 October 07, 2010
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