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a mythical world where there are no Men. The two sexes are blondes and brunettes. It is a gentle, innocent and civilized world.
yea, this is not Aristasia, there are plenty of rude guys in here!
by gatoAlfa May 06, 2004
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also known as "Arie"
a unique, exotic , and affectionate girl. nobody does anything like she does. she can be very loud and very dramatic, yet sometimes (usually rare) shy and quiet. you can usually tell when something up, but you can trust her. she will love you like nobody else and she can be as caring and nurturing as a mother. she is a force to be reckoned with, and hell could break loose. never get her angry. she lives on affection, hugs, and anything romantic or cute . she can be sensitive and emotional, and isn't afraid to express the way she feels.
physicality wise. beautiful curves .

overall..she is an incredibly beautiful person. you will never find anyone like her. keep her close, she is amazing.
damn.. that aristasia girl. ive never met anyone like her.
by BABABLACKSHEEP March 11, 2013

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