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Used for both boys and girls, the name means "mountain of strength." The unique spelling is as unique as the person, however, an Arin is a typically above-average hugger. In accordance with the androgynous name, Arins can fit in with guys and girls equally.
"When I hugged her, I felt my life was righted."
"Was her name Arin?"
"Hey, yeah it was!"

Hanging out with him was like hanging out with one of the girls.
by Partly Cloudy July 13, 2010
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noun. Short for the most caring, loving, sexy, interesting, funny, dorky, sincere, thoughtful, loyal, crazy, silly, outgoing, intelligent guy on the planet.
"Oooh boy, did you see that guy??? I could eat him with a spoon. I wonder if he knows I love him? I wonder if he knows that he is definatly an Arin? The Arins usually never have a clue."
by Pumpkin Tits March 16, 2004
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Arin - Unique spelling of the boys name "Arin"
by Arin Ahnell February 10, 2003
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Very intelligent girl who is. Very pretty and means a lot to her friends and knows how to keep secrets also loves eggs
Eggs are nice like arin
by farewells May 28, 2015
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American Registy for Internet Numbers

The guys who give out IPs
ARIN - A bunch of mindless jerks who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes
by nevermind2 September 30, 2005
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