Another name for Katniss Everdeen. The mockingjay or the girl on fire. She is brave and can stand up for herself.
Can you believe that Arianna won the hunger games?
by OneDirectioner101 May 16, 2012
A girls name. But not just any girl, a lady, a woman. The most beautiful woman you will ever lay your eyes on. She sometimes can't see someone who is really in love with her, someone who treats her right and laughs with the most. That person is usually the one she should marry. She only wants a child who is a boy, no more than two. Her eyes are to die for, but only ONE special person can look at her and see way more than what she sees. She usually can not see this person often, because of family or inconveniences, though the person doesn't mind waiting. She has been through a lot in life and deserves the world. She is stubborn, but trustworthy. The person she talks to the most is the one she will know the longest or loves her the most
Arianna is my life
Arianna is sooo gorgeous inside and out
I want to marry Arianna
by Ishaksvalashsj July 17, 2014
Sexiness; Pretty ; Kind And Giving ; Baddest Chick You Will Ever Meet . Thee Best . Trust And Believe .
Who ? Arianna , Oh Yeah She The Baddest Of The Land .
by Miles.Arianna August 03, 2011
a sweetie pie omg she is so pretty!
Arianna why aren't you famous?
by QueenBBella April 13, 2012
The most incredibly sexy, beautiful, deserving person ever. She cares about everyone and needs more people to turn to. Her friends often leave her but she always cares. She has a quick temper, but she's TOTALLY awesome. She makes a great pair with Victors <3
person 1: "Arianna won't stop talking about Victor!!!!"
Person 2:"But she is still hot"
by Girlyyyyyyyyyyyyy January 27, 2013
She the most Sexy, intelligent, Beautiful, Loving Girl to ever live on this earth. She Has been through alot but the truth is she Has Feeling To.
Boy; hey
Arianna; hey ;)
by No but me will no October 15, 2013
A sophisticated young lady with a taste for 80's music, red pumps and soko and lime, she is the salt of the earth, hot to trot this girl just by looking at her will give your sorry ass enough masterbation material for years.
Arianna is your angel in a centerfold.
by -->triple XXX June 29, 2010

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