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Another name for Katniss Everdeen. The mockingjay or the girl on fire. She is brave and can stand up for herself.
Can you believe that Arianna won the hunger games?
by OneDirectioner101 May 16, 2012
Sexiness; Pretty ; Kind And Giving ; Baddest Chick You Will Ever Meet . Thee Best . Trust And Believe .
Who ? Arianna , Oh Yeah She The Baddest Of The Land .
by Miles.Arianna August 03, 2011
A really amzing girl that comes off as shy but will blow you away. An amazing friend. Really intelligent , smart, funny , goofball, loves to be with friends, bitch when she wants to be, and has a tsmper so dont tick her off. Dont forget this name!
Wow Arianna is amazing!
by afynboe November 13, 2013
The most incredibly sexy, beautiful, deserving person ever. She cares about everyone and needs more people to turn to. Her friends often leave her but she always cares. She has a quick temper, but she's TOTALLY awesome. She makes a great pair with Victors <3
person 1: "Arianna won't stop talking about Victor!!!!"
Person 2:"But she is still hot"
by Girlyyyyyyyyyyyyy January 27, 2013
a sweetie pie omg she is so pretty!
Arianna why aren't you famous?
by QueenBBella April 13, 2012
Arianna is an opera in eight scenes by the British composer Alexander Goehr, premiered at the Royal Opera House, London, in 1995. It is set to the libretto (in Italian), by Ottavio Rinuccini, used by Claudio Monteverdi in his 1608 opera, L'Arianna. The opera is Goehr's op. 58.
Although Rinuccini's libretto survives, the greater part of Monteverdi's music for the opera, originally performed in Mantua in 1608, has been lost. All that remains is Arianna's lament, a solo aria which Monteverdi published separately in 1623. Goehr sets most (but not all) of the original libretto, (which is based on the classical story of Ariadne and Theseus from Ovid's Heroides), preserving the lament but interspersing it with choral episodes. The orchestration is contemporary, including contrabassoon, saxophone, Akai sampler and electric guitar, as is the harmonic language
by L'Arianna February 07, 2010
She the most Sexy, intelligent, Beautiful, Loving Girl to ever live on this earth. She Has been through alot but the truth is she Has Feeling To.
Boy; hey
Arianna; hey ;)
by No but me will no October 15, 2013