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The act of fingering a female using four fingers during her period, and having the female lick the partners hand, untill clean of blood. This is meant to be a turn on, but often backfires.
"Dude, i totally arg-arg-arged with my girlfriend the other day"

"Thats so nasty man..."

"Nahh, it was such a turn on"
by frank herndon October 04, 2009
When you have 4 fingers in a girl, and when you pull out you have period blood all over four fingers. (make the movment with four fingers like your going in and out"
Guy 1: "Dude i was in the forrest fingering this one girl and she got period blood all over my fingers!!"

Guy 2: "ARG ARG ARG!!"
by The guy it has happened to October 04, 2009
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