the way of life, what you live to achieve in a life time
one day i wish i can reach aresh
by brandon rodriguez April 29, 2008
Top Definition
An Aresh is probably one of the most admirable types of people. Not only is he uninterested in any type of illegality the social climate of the people he surrounds himself with promotes, but he also finishes everything he starts with great efficiency. He has various talents and occasionally he also demonstrates to have a few trades that might remind of the opposite gender. If you're ever lucky enough to own an Aresh, make sure you keep him; all efforts will be totally worth it.
Guy 1 : Who's that mind blowingly good drummer over there?
Guy 2: It must be an Aresh !
by ilovearesh April 04, 2010
- means you're under deep shit in school.
Oh no! we are under Aresh!
by Aresharesh March 09, 2009
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