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Archery is an old sport that was quite popular in ancient civilisations such as Greek, Roman, and Persian empires. It was played with great enthusiasm in the old Olympics. In Iran, those with high accuracy and strong shoulders played the role of bowmen in the army. Ârásh was the strongest in the old Persian cavalry and came to prominence when the border between Iran and Turan was to be decided. Legend has it that he went on top of the highest peak near northern Alborz (in Mazandaran) and shot his arrow towards the plains of central Asia. It landed somewhere near Aral Sea after travelling in air for 2 days. Ârásh put all his energy and effort into it and died as the result, becoming immortal ever since. Therefor he is a Hero.
Arash e Kamangir = Arash The Archery = Hero
by eagleofair June 20, 2004
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