The middle name of the most sexy, amazing, beautiful, badass, awesome, talented, lovable, cute, girl in the whole world. The future president of the world will have this middle name. Has the most magnificent voice and is a way talented dancer. If your an Aracely you probably have all the guys wanting you.
Guy1: "Dayyyuuummm, did you see that girl over there bro!?"
Guy2: "Oh yeah dude!!! I bet ya shes an Aracely with her amazing looks"
by ThatOne1Guy August 13, 2012
Top Definition
fun , smart, sexy, badass!!!!!!!!
by guy August 08, 2004
These girls are beautiful, sweet, caring, and are 2 thick. Like dayummmmm. Dat ass.

They have a beautiful smile that can brighten everyone's day.

Aracely's always have a positive mindset and always go above and beyond with everything they do.
1st guy: "Dude, she looks drop dead gorgeous."
2nd guy: "Must be an Aracely."
by Grahamcrackers November 06, 2013
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