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The supreme act of eternal matrimony in which the man slips his cornhole into the woman's nose and lets his testicles rest in her eyes. The man then proceeds to fart while the woman's nose is in his ballon knot. This creates the illusion of the woman wearing a gas mask. In some cultures this is a sacred custom which is practised in holy marriage.
"As I slipped on his Arabian Gasmask, I knew that he was the one for me. We were one soul, and one mind."

"The particular smell in John's Arabian Gasmask solidified our relationship, and I knew I was in Love"

"Me and gary continually argue over who gets to Arabian Gasmask who, He says my anus is cleaner. But I disagree due to my chronic Screechies."
by Dr. Wilma May 07, 2006
similar to arabian eye goggles, but in addition the guy places his ass over her face and then lets a stinky one loose in her mouth.
Bro, I just gave that skanky bitch an arabian gas mask.
by Dan September 12, 2004
when you put your balls on someones eyes and stretch your dick into their mouth!
That mutha fucka looked like aquaman wearing my arabian gas mask!
by Chedder Bob September 18, 2006
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