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There is two versions of the Arabian Tongue Bath, both end the same way.

Version 1: During a {rusty trombone}, you accidently, (or not) you shart in your significant others face, they in turn proceed to clean your anus and crack, thus turning a {rusty trombone} into an Arabian Tongue Bath.

Version 2: Similar to above only started by a {cleveland steamer} (or the {cleveland steamroller} if your the messy type)
Example 1: KJ: Yo Berry, I should not have had that burrito yesterday, my girl was givin me a rusty trombone and I sharted on her.

Berry: Damn, whatd she do?

KJ: That dirty bitch turned it in to an Arabian Tongue Bath

Berry: Yeah!!!
by Jango Spankaho September 29, 2008
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