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The act of drifting in very expensive cars like carrera GT, BWM M5, Ferrari spider on main streets by rich Arabs bussines men who skilled drift drivers.
The sand on the smooth roads of Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Iran provieds the perfect surface to drift on. Combined with the latest, most expensive and fastest cars this sport is for the elite.
Rich Arab "I want to do some Arab Drifting after work today"
Rich Arab Friend "Ok"
Rich Arab "We will drift down the main streets in my Carrera GT"
Rich Arab Frined " The sand is perfect today the drift will be fast"
by GBUCK June 29, 2007
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the act of driving shitty Arab cars and "drifting" by hydroplaning.
Muhammed broke his shock arab drifting around my culdasac
by krazy jahn October 13, 2009
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