Food chain restaurant in which employees are driven to insanity from being forced to work ridiculous hours at poor wages and deal with with cheap, ignorant customers and their undisciplined spawn (whose goal is to do nothing more than cover every open space with the food ordered for them and to shout at the top of their lungs) who wouldn't do half of the tasks asked of the employees for double of what they leave in tips and gratuity is still a nonexistent dream. Food quality varies on location but is susceptible to generalization. Cheese is a must for every dish.
That party of twenty just left me forty cents on a two hundred dollar check. But they enjoyed their cheese. Welcome to working at Applebees!
by Struggling Optimist February 10, 2010
Top Definition
Noun - A restraunt that is popular and recieves a lot of business. Often stressing employees and overworking them. Service is slow and tempers run high, with employees all identities by being forced to wear name-tags that say, "Hi Neighbor ____Their Name____ I'M APPLEBEES"

They often boost morale by saying chants and calling each other Applebuddies and refer to simple activities as Appletasks. Such as, Applehandshake, Applehug, Applewand, Applemic (Short for microwave).

Food is often dropped and served to customers and orders will sit in the heating window for 45 minutes.
John Doe: "I ate at Applebees last night."
by Former Employee February 11, 2006
An establishment where people are forced to wait long periods of time to be granted the right to order mediocre food with ridiculous names and overpriced drinks.
"Let's go to Applebees after work. I feel like drowing my sorrows in a martini made by an 18 year old bartender. Hurry! If we get there by 5, we might be able to drink by 7!"
by Ksarah August 09, 2007
If you care for the ones you love, don't eat here.
Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away,
Eating at Applebee's makes you shit bullets.
A culinary abomination. Despised by anyone with a good sense of food. Poor quality food, poor service (usually managements fault), and full of MSG and all sorts of chemicals. (look up the history, they were started by a CHEMICAL company) Still happens to be a goldmine... I guess idiots have to eat somewhere...
Any Applebees in the country
by Henrok September 21, 2009
A code-word/slang for Marijuana, Weed, etc. used to be discrete in conversation.
Ex. I went to Applebees last night, it was a great "dessert(high)."
Ex.2 My Applebees "waiter" gave me a great deal.
by 12341234m October 01, 2013
A place where basic bitches go out for dinner.
Selfies in the Applebee's bathroom after manicure Monday, bitches are basic.
by 3saysay3 October 06, 2015
Noun - The act of anal intercourse a.k.a. butt sex. Fucking someone in the ass.

Comes from the clientele of a popular US restaurant chain who enjoy frequenting the establishment and then going home to perform the sex act usually as a first date. Skeezy guys invite somewhat innocent girls out for dinner at the restaurant. It's cheap, s the skeezy guy isn't putting much up, but somewhat well known and respectable so the girl will put out. All girls who accept invitations to Applebee's from skeezy guys will put out in the butt, because they all love it in the butt.
"She loves going to Applebees."

"He loves taking girls to Applebees."

"Do you want to go to Applebees?"

"Where a condom when you go to Applebees."

"You shouldn't take me to Applebees tonight, I had spicy Thai food for lunch."
by Xylitol November 01, 2014
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