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A style-focused person (usually female) who buys Apple products solely for their appearance (as opposed to their functionality).

Usually an idiot female (hence 'tart') who knows nothing about computers or technology.
See that girl with the pink shoes, the poodle, and the iPhone? Total Apple tart.
by Johnny Domino October 04, 2011
someone that is rubbish at carving pumpkins
"whoah, look at that pumpkin, i bet apple tart carved it"
by floraa September 24, 2009
A groupie that believes by having the latest innane piece of Apple kit makes their lives worthwhile through the eyes of others. They'd prostitute their time to stand in line because their weak disposition means their only status in life is having something others want on their limited income.
Look at those people standing in line to buy the latest iphone. Bunch of Apple Tarts.
by Rotten to the Core. September 29, 2012
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