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The newest trend in men's facial hair: A patch of hair covering the adam's apple.
Christina: Did you see Jim's apple patch?
Abby: It looks sexy on him!
by SteroidsGraham April 16, 2015
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The newest in facial hair fashion, made to show how much you care about gender equality
Guy: hey girl
Anna: hey guy! nice apple patch
by TheLegendofB April 16, 2015
A patch of facial hair that covers the Adam's apple. Originally a derogatory term, the apple patch broadcasts a man's sex appeal (similar to a happy trail).
Girl 1: Mmm did you see that guy?
Girl 2: Yeah, he has a damn fine apple patch.
by Bawksigrill420 April 16, 2015
Facial hair that grows on the adam's apple.
"I should really shave the ol' apple patch. It looks pretty ridiculous"
by ILookLikeAndreTheGiant April 11, 2009

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