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A person who uses Apple© electronics with a "holier than thou" attitude. Someone with the concept that Apple© users just "Get it". If you think that you're somehow better or richer than someone else by the fact that you use iMac computers or other Apple© products, your an Apple Hole.
That guy is such and Apple Hole, he thinks that owning an iMac will somehow make him more creative.

If he doesn't stop rubbing how rich he is in my face I'm gonna shove that iPhone up his Apple Hole.

Shut your Apple Hole, I don't care if you got an iMac for your birthday!
#apple #imac #hole #proud #asshole #ass #applehole
by Ton of Ham January 27, 2010
When the word asshole is just too explicit for the ears of the weary, resort to the toned down version of America's favorite swear.
D77 birthed this puppy
Don't be an applehole.

Don't mind that hater, he's an applehole if I've ever seen one.
#asshole #douche #arrogant son of a gun #d77 #carrot top
by NDubski August 19, 2010
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