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v. The act of opening finder on a MAC computer/laptop, selecting the applications folder, then:

1. Holding "command" followed by "A" selecting all applications in the folder.

2. Holding "command" followed by "O" opening all selected applications.

(continued holding of "control-O" is not necessary, but produces more devastating effects)
John's laptop was exposed, so i Apple Bombed him for annoying me yesterday.
by SyknEss 1 January 10, 2011
When someone curses an Apple product for poor functionality when it is really their problem for not adapting to a non-Windows format.
Shawn: Why is Preview so hard to work. Stupid Apple!
Don: Dude, can you go five minutes without dropping an Apple Bomb? That is the fourth time today.
by adrajanaM April 23, 2013
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