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A pleasant telephone interaction with a stranger, usually an insurance agent.

Originates from the 2011 Apia (Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency) television commercials.
Original Apia moment:

Agent - "Welcome to Apia, how can I help you?"
Customer - "I'm ringing regarding a quote for a new caravan we're buying. We would like to start the insurance and pay it quarterly.
Agent - "Not a problem at all. We don't charge any more to pay that way. Whe're you taking off to first?"
Customer - "We're going down to Lakes Entrance, and then across to the West"
Agent - "Gee life's gonna be one big holiday"
Customer - "Yes I hope so, (laugh)"
Agent - "Ohhhh, fantastic"
by megamanisnotdead July 03, 2011
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