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Located in Apex NC near the city limits of Cary, Apex highschool is true mixing pot of uperclass and loweclass teenagers. Unlike it's rival school Green Hope, which is full of rich douche bag-ish teenagers, Apex has a much lower Douchbag to Awesome people ratio. Most people that attend Apex highschool are laid back and chill with what ever goes on. About once every few weeks Apex Highschool will dish out a pounding on the football team of Green Hope which hasn't one a game in many a moon. Apex highchool are refereed to as "rednecks" but these rednecks manage to maintain a higher GPA than most surrounding schools. Apex is a school full of badasses.
Ah man, those Apex students are so chill.

Apex Apex Highschool highschool Apex NC Apex north carolina apex football
by CatLover99 September 21, 2011
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