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Similar to Eskimo Brothers; two men who have received hand jobs from the same girl.
Guy 1: I just got a hand jibber from Jenny!
Guy 2: dude I got one from her last week!
Guy 1: apache brothers! *high 5*
by RodmanRuxin November 26, 2014
Similar to eskimo brothers, Apache Brothers is the term for the relationship formed between two men who have boned chicks on the same piece of furniture, appliance, car seat, hot tub, or any other specified location.
Guy 1: "I banged that chick in the shower of the love shack house on campus."

Guy 2: "Wait. I banged a chick in the same shower of the love shack."

Guy 1 & 2: "Apache Brothers!!!!" Triple high five
by Hot Tub Time Machine July 06, 2012

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