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Wordplay on the second and more common usage of the word huckleberry, which came to mean, in the words of the "Dictionary of American Slang: Second Supplemented Edition" (Crowell, 1975):

"A man; specif., the exact kind of man needed for a particular purpose. 1936: "Well, I'm your huckleberry, Mr. Haney." Tully, "Bruiser," 37. Since 1880, archaic.

The "Historical Dictionary of American Slang" which is a multivolume work, has about a third of a column of citations documenting this meaning all through the latter 19th century.
Anythingleberry (as in huckleberry)

girl: we need two cups of onions

boy: i'll be your choppleberry


boy: i am tired

girl: go to bed sleepleberry


girl: wanna play a game?

boy: i'll be your scrabbleberry!
by A.Rye.In.Portland June 02, 2009

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