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a russian cat
Come here anya!
by Anya123 July 10, 2011
Anya is beautiful, fun and always happy. They have beautiful faces, and they're eyes are just amazing. They are just about the most wonderful, fun, happy and awesome people that you will meet. If you are lucky enough to meet Anya, you will be stunned by her personality and looks.
You will never meet a person like Anya.
Boy 1 "Woah, look at Anya over there."
Boy 2 "I know, she is just so awesome."
Boy 1 "And beautiful."
by MOOROO23 January 04, 2014
Extreme deepthroating queen.
Yeah, it's Anya Arcuri.
by Toss Galurner October 28, 2013
An amazing girl who is funny and has pretty black hair she always wants to have fun an is ready to have fun. She loves everything and dosn't let nasty comments get in the way of anything. careful she can be a bitch if she wants
damn, she's an anya!
by girlbabe November 06, 2011
A lovely little midget with deep brunnette hair, stunning blue eyes and a georgeous personality! She is slim, (has a very sexy body) athletic and has a great sense of humour. Very popular and loves food as well as hanging with friends usually called isabelle or autumn.
Boy: that girl has a HOT body

Boy 2: yeah she's the new girl, anya. and shes mine.
by a kool person July 07, 2011
Usually located on a large pink cushion, anya is in fact a big fluffy white cat with a big bow in her fur. Bossy but cute, she always gets her way, especially over small dark tabby cats (often called ebbie)...Adorably, she takes good care over a silver tabby called Oscar (who she sometimes sneezes on).
Often found with a certain 'knowing look', she is infact part of a strange organisation because it has a cute name. Fair enough, as she is damned cute.
1)Person: Hey Anya
Anya: Im cute!

2)Small dark tabby: miaow!
Anya: HISSSSS *steals her pannini*
by Ebbie September 21, 2004
Commonly known as 'Smurf' 'Pisshead' and 'Ninky Nonk' , this hideous Siberian dog likes to poo and pee in his undies while drinking Red Bull and watching the rugby.

Distinguishing Features:
- Big nostrils
- Blonde pubics
- Triple chin
- Ninety year old mother
- Brother who thinks he's a dictator when really he's a tomato
Belinda: "Hey wanna get some shots tonight?"

Nicole: "No sorry I have to look after the neighbour's Russian dog Anya, he has constipation from drinking all the Red Bull. Maybe another night?"

Belinda: "No sorry I can't do any other nights, my pubics are doing Anya's and I have to shave."
by kissgoksbutt October 10, 2011