A character on the television show 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. She was engaged to Xander Harris, but he left her at the alter. She used to be a vengeance demon and went by the name of 'Anyanka', but once she fell in love with Xander she decided to become human. She is also very blunt and takes things literally because she is not accustomed to normal human behavior. She is TERRIFIED of bunnies, but freaky, slimy monsters do not faze her.
"Noooo!!!!! Evil Evil Bunnies!!! Stay Away!!!" screamed Anya.
by Sarah August 02, 2004
The most amazing, beautiful, intelligent person in the whole world. she will stick by your side and never let you down. Definitely a force to be reckoned with.
Anya is Amazing
by Chicka8267 May 04, 2015
An amazing girl who is funny and has pretty black hair she always wants to have fun an is ready to have fun. She loves everything and dosn't let nasty comments get in the way of anything. careful she can be a bitch if she wants
damn, she's an anya!
by girlbabe November 06, 2011
A beautiful girl. Was the queen of the faires in Irish legends. A loyal friend and a caring person. Anya can always make you laugh. Usually an Irish girl. Loves to laugh and is loved by all who know her. Loves a good drink and could outdrink most in the local bar. Has an unreal arse.
Anya is awesome
by Supernatural fun December 09, 2014
A lovely little midget with deep brunnette hair, stunning blue eyes and a georgeous personality! She is slim, (has a very sexy body) athletic and has a great sense of humour. Very popular and loves food as well as hanging with friends usually called isabelle or autumn.
Boy: that girl has a HOT body

Boy 2: yeah she's the new girl, anya. and shes mine.
by a kool person July 07, 2011
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