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A funny misspelling by "Hardees Thick Burgers", which is laughed about commonly. People also like to put this into motivators and make it copypasta.

Development as german meme:
Also an increasing number of people in Germany begin to use this word as a term for bad tasting burgers.
This is also used as a relation to the latest "Gammelfleisch Skandal" / "Rotten meat scandal" in Germany.
Dude 1: Dude, did you try those new Double Ultracheese Burgers at <insert burger restaurant here>?

Burger Dude: Forget about them, they contain Anus Beef!
by !ng December 18, 2009
the beef that comes from the anus. Also known as feces, poop, crap, shit, etc.
Bro, your breath smells worse than anus beef.
by heyjusto November 07, 2013
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