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The main source of opposition to the popular cult of Gary the Pony. Brings truth and justice to a world filled with darkness.

The Anti-Gary Strike Force spans the same Seattle elementary schools as Gary the Pony does.

The Anti-Gary Strike Force can also be referred to as 'AGS' or 'AGSF'. Their website can be found at (cut and paste into the browser)
Neutral-aligned person: "Y'know, I don't actually like Gary the Pony that much."
AGSF recruitment agent: "Then join the Anti-Gary Strike Force!"
Neutral-aligned person: "Okay."
AGSF recruitment agent: "Thank you!" -gives confidential information to new recruit-
Formerly neutral-aligned person: "Wow! I just realized Gary sucks! Yay!"
by Lieutenant Vulcan May 02, 2005

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