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A popstar named 'Justin Bieber' has become a high risk to our world today, in addition to being a disgrace to music. What is known as the 'Belieb' virus is widely spread now, affected people are known as 'Beliebers'.

Some 'Beliebers' have reported to clinics with the following symptoms: Occasional 'biebergasm', and fainting just at the sight of 'Justin Bieber'; Many teenage girls are now affected by this dangerous virus, and W.H.O are working day and night to stop this crisis. Many researches have found out that possibly, 'Justin Bieber' hitting puberty, can be a cure to vast amounts of 'Beliebers', but at this moment, no cure has been found. The only solution at this moment, to stop the spread of this virus, is to have the ‘Beliebers’ killed; Many people have reported how immature and annoying 'Beliebers' can get, as a result of this virus.

Our Anti-Belieber™ systems, with our inredible ABS® technology, have been proven to be an effective tool into hunting down ‘Beliebers’ over the web, manipulating them in any way possible, and reporting the number of their deaths.

Anti-Belieber™ systems are constantly scanning the web in order to cease this chaos.
BREAKING NEWS: Anti-Belieber™ systems have found out an amount of 5,369 suicides due to the trending of "RIP JUSTIN BIEBER" on Twitter.
by Cgsoldier333 January 15, 2011
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