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This is a term created by some idiot in order to try to often those decent people out there who realised that Superdry clothing is very much overrated, and that you can get much better clothing for the same price elsewhere.
That guy just called me an anti Superdry faggot! He clearly hasn't realised how crap Superdry is!
by awesomeguyawwyeah March 20, 2011
Complains about the ammount of people that wear sueperdry jackets, claiming that they are stupid, gay, pointless, chavy(?), common, etc. This hatred usually comes from pure envy, as they cannot afford a Superdry Jacket themselves.
Anti superdry faggot: OMG!!! Another Superdry jacket wearing loser! Why do so many people think they are cool!

Guy: Just because you cannot afford one mate...no need to be bitter.
by ncjb February 07, 2011