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Now, there are two ways to deal with a brony (a male fan of My Little Pony). You could either say "lol Internet" ignore the bronies, and call it a day, or you could take the more comical route. This definition covers the latter.

Before butthurt ensues, there is a big difference between someone who dislikes bronies, and being an anti brony.

Anti bronies will specifically go out of their way to spew whatever they can against bronies to the point of making their own anti brony Facebook pages, YouTube channels, (I shit you not) anti brony Call of Duty threads, and whatever they can get their grubby little hands on.

They are typically found in the ages between 10-30 (mostly 13, go figure) and, like some bronies, are the most annoying things you can find on the Internet.
Not only will they spam anything pony-related, but they make their own (albeit shitty) anti brony rap songs, anti brony Minecraft servers, even break the fucking law to deface pony murals, and so on.

Anything that a brony might do that annoys you, anti bronies have sure covered it, except it's a thousand times more annoying because, well, at least bronies enjoy themselves when they do pony-stuff, they don't watch My Little Pony to write bios with (LITERALLY) over 9,000 characters in text why the show sucks.

And if you still don't believe me, go on YouTube and search "mlp sucks". The first video is a chubby 10-year-old in his basement whining in front of a camera. And the rest of the anti bronies are afraid to show themselves (lol).

And this is coming from somebody who isn't a brony anymore.
by Mister Cookie February 16, 2013
298 126
Someone who dislikes bronies.
Some are those who are pathetic whiners,
And then there are those who don't like ponies being spammed In every corner of the internet. Bronies say you must watch the terrible show before you judge them. But no, apparently, you have to watch the show AND like it
Anti-Brony (the sane kind) I don't like the show
Brony: but that's impossible! This show is god's gift to humanity! The internet deserves more ponies1!!eleven1111
Anti-brony:I watched it, I didn't like it.
by Mr. Drew P. Wiener November 29, 2013
47 27
An Anti Brony is a person who hates bronies. To rebut that they're "...who hate the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic..", as a brony stated, the definition is clearly "Anti Brony", not "Anti MLP".

There are many, but overall only one reason why bronies are hated; Their huge pride and endless bragging.

Anti bronies hate bronies because of their small sense of empathy. They can never agree with anything that an Anti Brony says, even if it's true.

Another, more common reason would be the massive load MLP:FiM related stuff in the internet, and how bronies have an obsession to shove it into people's faces.

(Example: Here's a real, translated comment sent by a brony on
"There's a typo in the news: It's written BRONY not broyny or at least my shirt at the moment says Brony.. "
(Rational stuff about the article)

"And finally: Haters gonna hate.

PS. You stole my desktop wallpaper for the news pic...")

Even if you're watching a Garry's mod video, a Team Fortress 2 gameplay/music video, it's not unusual for a pony to pop up on the screen, without a warning.
So what's the big deal? See the "Example" section.

Bronies also like to put the fault of their own community's disadvantages on others, or solve it by separating any people giving them a bad name, by giving them nicknames, such as "cloppers", or simply by blaming it on furries.

I'm gonna talk personally now. I am a furry, and I would NEVER add a furry into any video of mine.
Anti Brony states:
"Seeing a pony is like seeing an arrow to the knee joke."

Maybe you'll understand now. If not, try checking the links to other definitions.
by Talvy August 30, 2012
108 115
An anti-brony is a person who is fully against the show My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic and more importantly, it's fans. Anti-bronies are utmost the most annoying, sexist, and hypocritical bigots on the internet. Anti-bronies use the excuse that it is gay or for little girls, and by that the intend it to mean "feminine", which means girly. This by far is the most sexist thing anyone could have read. Anti-bronies complain that bronies or pegisisters have no life, girl/boyfriend, or friends in general. In most cases, they do indeed have friends and girl/boyfriends. While at the same time the accusing anti-bronies by many cases don't, being that they spend all of their time hating bronies on the internet.
>I am not a brony, i'm neutral, I have three brony friends and four anti-brony. This is all by personal experience with them.

Anti-brony: You guys are should go get a life.
Brony: Hold on checking my pulse... yup, I have a life. Might want to check yourself.
by shadowlancer114 June 28, 2013
34 72
A group of people, normally between the ages of 10-30 who hate the fans and show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Bronies will refer to them as homosexual, and the Anti-Bronies will refer to them as homosexual. Bronies will try to ignore, But they realize that the Anti-Bronies are far to annoying (Being all over the internet and stuff) to do so. The typical Anti-Brony will be 13 or 14 years old. The Bronies will repeatedly use the term Love an Tolerate to annoy the Anti-Bronies enough to make them stop. The Anti-Bronies will not stop until all of the Bronies are dead, become neutral, or convert to an Anti-Brony. There currently is more Bronies than Anti-Bronies, and that is more than likely NOT subject to change (Considering the Growing fanbase MLP:FiM) Most Anti-Bronies are 1000 Times more annoying than even the most annoying bronies.

This article has been written By a Brony. Remember guys, LOVE AND TOLERATE!
Brony: I sure love fluttershy!
Brony 2: No way bro, Rainbow Dash is the best pony!
Anti-Brony Horde: FAGGOTS!!
by Robochicken7 June 02, 2013
31 71
A person, more often a youtube-user who hates the My little pony : Friendship is magic show.

An anti brony will insult and promise death to any brony. Their favourite insult is saying the bronies are homosexual. They will post hating messages on any MLP : FIM video on Youtube.

Similar to hater.

What they think of bronyhood is : (from a DeviantArt fanart)

"Killing peoples makes me cool but loving ponies makes me gay." This ideology is looking like the 1940's NAZI ideology. If you are a brony, he will try to force you into becoming a non-brony by insulting you, threatening to kill you and saying you're gay. You can't ger rid of a anti brony by conventionnal means. You need FRIENDSHIP!
anti brony : Bitch! shut yo mutha phukin skinny white boi azz up cause if you was walking down tha street I would bust a cap up in yo mutha fukin head dis is my musis ain't no white boi gona tell us OG's to turn our gangsta azz music down yoo feelin me?

brony : Who are you calling bitch? Try again, I dare you, and I will call all my friends.


bronies community : Be defeated by the power of friendship!

*anti brony turned into a brony*
by Bronies of the world, unite! January 03, 2013
64 105