A boy that cares about you more than himself. He will text you constantly and its cute because it makes you feel like someone is actually interested in you and your life. He gets uncomfortable talking about things that have hurt you in the past like family problems, past relationships, etc.. He likes to kiss you on the cheek when his mother isnt looking, and he definately is the cuddling type. You can lay with him on a couch for hours talking literally about nothing. You can never watch a movie with him because you end up kissing or talking the whole time! Hes a weird person. He likes to make jokes around his friends, but he will always come by you and spend time with you and your friends, but you can tell he gets bored. He has such a great smile. Great eyes too. Great everything. You will fall in love with Anthony. I promise you that, but this one certain Anthony, is mine.
"I really like that Anthony, hes so perfect."
"Yeah, too bad he has a girlfriend."
by RAWRRAWRrawr March 23, 2013
A faggot who thinks he can skateboard but is just a poser. He tries to get all the ladies but no one like him
"Hey Anthony can do a pop shove it"
"No he can't, he only gets a inch off the ground"
by ForMyMom March 26, 2014
A guy who uses many people to do his dirty work for him, then retreats into the background, pretending to be the good guy when the reality is, he is the evil mastermind behind EVERYTHING. His schemes are wicked evil, but he doesnt give a fuck as long as he gets what he wants. He is thus very selfish and egocentric. Secretly hates women, compares them to dogs, sees them as his "property". Also an animal abuser. Probably will also be a child abuser. Has no game, tries to get at this particular girl relentlessly via covert/clandestine/wicked methods because he doesnt have the balls to ask her out! This is because he is very insecure and doesnt think that the girl will ever say yes if he doesnt FORCE her to be in a relationship with him. He even spies / stalks on her and even makes up lies about her personal life to better control her when the reality is, theyve never even gone out on a date! They were in the same class for one semester, like are you for real, crazy stalker. Youre the crazy one, not her. She just wants to live in peace. Stop making her life a living hell when she so obviously Hates your guts.
Anthony: I love megan so much she is soooo amazing
Random person: Do you even know her? Oh wait you do, because you read her online diary and are pretending to be her boyfriend so that no other guy can get at her!
by hellolovelypeople August 18, 2013
this asian chineese vietnameese bitch that doesnt know when to shut the fuck up who is a big homosexual and looks like a dam sex toy when he gets surprised like for real watch his face when he reads this he is fucked up
also adding this is annoying
by william locke November 22, 2011
Retard trouble maker that can't do anything.
Wow he is such an anthony.
by Thetruth141 October 19, 2014
Has a very small penis. Likes to cum on everybody that has manginas and then like it out later. Has only one hairy nipple. Never bang an Anthony because you will get HIV and a vagina rash lasting until you bang another person. Only bang animals like sloths who are natural sex addicts. Anthonys always look themselves in the mirror and think damn im one ugly mother fucker. Never succesfull and has no friends.
by Eenie meenie mynee mo December 21, 2013
Biggest jerk on the planet who pretends to be a "good guy". Beats up everyone you care about and sends them straight to the hospital. Lucky if they dont die. Scary.
Megan: I DESPISE ANTHONY HE IS A SAD EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN. Doesnt even deserve to be called a dog, theyre too cute. Also hes not even as sexually attractive as them, aw, isnt that so sad?
by thebaddestgirlontheplanet August 18, 2013
a fake ass white dude who tries super hard to get laid. He's a wanna-be nigga, and tries to be all cool on his shit. He will most likely pretend he is a "stone cold killa" or in that case a rapper. But in the end he's just a fuck boy. A fat dumbass. A douche-bag. An ass-hole. A hater. A womanizer. An Anthony.
for example an Anthony will say things like;
"I'm a fun and loving person to be around." (when really he just described a dog...?)
He'll also say stuff like;
"I loveee meeting new people." (when he says this he means he loves fucking sluts.)
by annamr101 September 07, 2011

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