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One of the middle schools in wayne new jersy.the school is divided into two sides for each greade for the sixth grade ith is colts and pegasus. for the seventh grade it is the mustangs and pace setters the eighth grade grade is blue and gold. the popular kids are all upper middle class doucebags that play call of duty all day and brag about getting prestiged every week. but that is onley the popular kids. the un popular kids well they actualy give a fuck about their lives still the popular kids are spoiled assholes. every one bassicly lisstens to same music the hits so there is no variety there. unless u r me. the teachers are either cool or straight up doucebags. all in all if u r popular at this this school u r a gudo that only cares about CoD.(did I mention The food at luch is not too bad but not amazizng) if u r not popular you are normal
Gangsta: yo yo yo waz up you go to anthony wayne middle school aint that righ my niggah!
boy: yah niigah its the worst place eva!
guido: hey you gonna be on xbox tonight?
other guido: yah we gonna kill some mad zombies.
gangsta: yo guido fuckas.
guidos: what do you want black man!
gangsta: you re just a guido mothafuckin CoD addict bastard.
Guidos:we are gonna t-t-tell on you meany * cry cry cry *
thay walk away crying like bastards.
by random student at AWMS April 12, 2011
a school in Wayne nj where jews asians indians and black people learn about shit the school is divided into to 2 sides. on te left side it looks like a normal school on the right side sixth graders beat the shit out of each other. people invovle in "lock fipping" and other gay shit. at lunch people brag about CoD.the teachers are either super cool or strait up bitches. there are fights after school some times. and the kids usualy get caught.
kid: do u go to awms?
other kid: yah i get iss by the bastard vice principal Mr._________ evey day.
kid :fucked up man that is just fucked upi would hate going to Anthony wayne middle school. sounds sooooooo gay. hell indoors
by afkadhfg April 10, 2011
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