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A Mindless Self Indulgence Promo CD. Limited numbers and amazing tracks made this CD sell out really fast. Original songs include My World, Preteen Violence, Frying Pan, Lush, and Born to Be Beheaded, in that order. The other five songs are various remixes of What Do They Know, off of You'll Rebel To Anything. They produced this promo because they didn't have enough time to make a full album in 2006. Definitely worth buying. I mean, it's not like anything they produce isn't worth buying, but...anyway... Great album art too.
"Screwed or fucked
(la la la la),
Rain or shine
(la la la la),
In that ass
(la la la la),
All the time
(la la la la)"

From Born to Be Beheaded, Off Another Mindless Rip Off
by Whatchaknowaboutthat? April 14, 2007

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