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1. To withdraw from company and social interaction, sometimes out of anxiety or worry, though often in a domestic setting and context, to focus on one's own solitude, often accompanied by a creative or cathartic undertaking, analogous, with some variation, to Anne Frank hiding from Nazi oppression in the attic of a home in Amsterdam. An escape or retreat of sorts, often within one's own home, and typically to avoid one's roommate(s).

2. To partake of an activity by oneself; to "go solo", or "dolo".
1. "Yeah, I'm just Anne Frankin' it in the attic, girl. Thought I'd update my status so y'all would know. Can't go downstairs until my roomies leave...working on a sick new meme to go viral, though. Shit's gonna be huge!"

2. "Nah, you guys go ahead without me. I'm Anne Frankin' it tonight."
by PicklePuss November 14, 2013