A site for 8-10 year old kids. Sometimes 43 year olds looking for some little to molest
30 year old: My kid goes on Animal Jam

43 year old: I know I fucked her on the internet
#gay #fun #animal #jam #magic #forty
by Mgentdf July 17, 2013
Top Definition
A social network for kids( better then movie star planet and club penguin,)with buddies and parties etc. that has gotten worse over the years with no freedom of keyboard symbols and "rare/beta items" that ruined the purpose of the site.
I used to go on animal jam until i realized all people want are stupid pixel items
#animal #jam #party #website #social #friends
by Peewee hermanizer August 13, 2014
A virtual playground created by Nat Geo Kids that was intended for children ages 4-12. The site allows players to create their own animal avatar, wander around the vast world of Jamaa, trade, decorate their own den/house, attend parties, hang out with friends, and more. Being almost 10 years old, the site has developed over the years from its original beta period. Some people say that they liked the so-called "beta days" better, while others prefer the more modern Jamaa. Regardless there are over 10,000,000 players to this day.
Animal Jam is a virtual animal playground for kids!
#animal #jam #animal jam #nat geo #kids #game
by Urban-Jamaa September 23, 2015
It is a computer game to can play. hat kids ages 18 to 9 can play.
"Hey, why did you UN buddy me on animal jam?"
by smellyfeet16 May 19, 2016
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