In sanskrit, Anila means wind. Anila is also one of the gods of the elements of the cosmos. Wind God Vāyu.
She is like Anila the HUN!
by get more? March 07, 2010
Top Definition
An amazing girl who may sometimes be shy, but once you get to know her, she's one of the best people you'll ever meet and/or fall in love with. An Anila is characterized by beauty, amazing personality, and incredibly fun to be around.
I had so much fun yesterday with her, she was a total Anila!
by kawaiii October 26, 2009
this ultra rare name comes from India and is beautiful!
Anila is a pretty girl who is good at sports and sometimes art. She can sing and loves to dance! she is a chocoholic and is really modest. Anila likes to help and is popular. She is seriously epic and knows how to treat the lads.. She will never cheat and always try's her hardest even if sometimes she cannot be bothered to do things!

She is a babe magnet it is just simply stunning!! If you ever know an Anila find yourself lucky! anila may not seem like it but she's a good luck charm to people around her!
Here is what a person who has always known someone called Anila said:

Anila is awsome! Kind and cares for people! She's dramatic and certainly attracts the boys! The boys try to make it seem like they don't like her because they know they are too good for her!

A Boy who knows an Anila:
To be honest i am kinda hiding i like her because everyone does! She is pretty and can definitely sing! I have known her for ages and there hasn't been a moment i haven't been thinking about her since we first met!
by Lolly1057 October 14, 2013
Halal in the streets, but Haraam in the sheets ;))
Hey what tips would you give to other girls?
Be an Anila and unleash your haraamness for that bitch
by Hottieliciousbitch May 17, 2016
A fuckable bitch that will do you anyday at anytime. She will please you like you can't imagine. She's hot, sexy, and very fuckable. You would be lucky to get with her.
Hey what did u do last night bro?
I had the time of my life banging Anila
by Hottieliciousbitch May 17, 2016
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