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A cosplay group that wants to be famous and most of the time they review movies and anime. They have a podcast on where they do audio dramas, reviews, and blogs. Each member of AGC (the AniGamesCosplay acronym) wants to be famous in their own way:

CursingL (leader) wants to be a famous voice acting otaku.
Reytjk wants to be a game designer.
Randomninja1 wants to be celebrity, I think.
98jikl wants to be a rapper, bodyguard, or a game tester.

CursingL is in most of the videos and is alone in almost all of them. The AGC always accepts new members.
CursingL: Nobody came to the cosplay meetup I planed. This blows, I wanted to get more members for AniGamesCosplay

Larxene cosplayer: LOL I found out about it on the day it was being held. Make another one
by Darkinika May 05, 2009
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