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The king of public access, Angsto the Clown was the most popular television show produced on Columbus, Ohio public access television and seen in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. The show was the subject of a Federal Court case concerning obscenity first filed by the management and funded by the City of Columbus, Ohio against producer and star Howard Luken. Their case was thrown out by Federal Judge Graham with the statement they had made a "disorderly rush to the courthouse". Luken later filed a Common Pleas case against the City and station when they continued to refuse to air his program. The station management later transferred it back to Federal Court where it languished for years until in 1999 a jury of 6 elderly women and 2 elderly men found the single show legally obscene in less than 45 minutes of "deliberation", this after the judge disallowed every item of evidence presented by plaintiff Luken's attorneys. Luken continued to air programs until the City voted to discontinue funding for the station and shut down public access.
There once was Angsto the Clown from Columbus,
who's program caused such a ruckus
the City went crazy
the verdict was hazy.
Is free speech a fungus among us?
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by H. Luken January 07, 2009
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