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A male having vaginal intercourse with a female in the doggy style position, while a friend waits in the closet with a camera. Out of no where, with no warning, the male shoves his penis into the females anus, as the friend jumps from the closet to take a picture of the females horrific facial expression, the male pushes the females head down and gives her moose antlers with both of his hands. The facial expression shows the anger, and the antlers show the moose- giving you, the Angry Moose.
Me and my friend gave this girl an Angry Moose last night! Then her best friend bitch slapped both of us for being such retarded pieces of shit!
by Michelle Hen. August 14, 2006
151 49
Same as above, except instead of sudden, random anal, the male punches the girl in the back of the head in order to get the females horrific facial expression.
JJ & Scotty pulled an angry moose on the nurse and then stole her scrubs.
by CrackedMan July 28, 2010
4 11