When one shoves a battery down the others penis hole then pours tobasco sauce down the penis hole to ease the pain.
After Cody ate at KFC the waitress pulled him into the bahroom and gave him long angry buffalo. Outside of the door all you could hear is "fool not da angry buffalo again I just want my Kay ehh see!"
by CbRuben April 03, 2011
Top Definition
An angry buffalo is when you finger a girl right after eating hot wings, so that it burns her pussy.
After eating hot wings, leave enough sauce on your fingers to make it burn her. That is the angry buffalo.
by Dave Kramer October 04, 2007
while fucking a girl, pull your dick out and pour buffallo wing sauce on it and stick it in again.
Last night I was fucking a girl and gave her the angry buffalo.
by Paut April 28, 2007
When your fuckin a bitch from behind that's fuckin a bitch from the front and your dick slips into the stink and she bites the other bitches clitt. She snarls and kicks the bitch in the face who squeezes the dick with vagina muscles and stampedes the room down
I was fuckin two bitches when DJ came in and with his big dick and an angry buffalo happened
by zuescock April 13, 2016
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