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The loud grumbling fart, reminiscent of that which is issued from an angry fat bastard, that is released when one accidentally pulls out while tapping a fat chic's ass.
Dude! I was totally pounding becky's ass last night & just as she was screaming she was about to cum, my dick slipped out & her anus expressed it's displeasure bys letting me have an "Angry Whopper".
by Qahwa May 27, 2011
When you are having intercourse you suddenly, and unexpectedly pull out and put in to her ass. Thus making her angry. Then, when you have finished, or she has pissed you off too much, you remove your dick and smack her in the face with it.
"Man my girlfriend was being a total bitch, so I totally gave her an angry whopper."
by Prag690 January 24, 2009
During sexual intercourse the male pulls out his penis and "whops" it on the female's clitoris repeatedly while looking her in the eyes. Sneering, the male says "look at me" repeatedly. Afterwards the male cums in the asshole of the female.
Dave: "Man last night I tried the angry whopper on my woman. She loved that authoritative shit."

Rick: "Damn man you mean she finally enjoyed having sex with you?"
by viralt87 January 03, 2013
The act of slapping a vagina with a fly swatter at maximum strength. Next, the swollen labia are immediately garnished with jalapeños and any desired medley of burger fixin's, condiments and accouterments, then eaten (so to speak).(WARNING:This is a very dangerous maneuver and should only be performed between consenting parties, unless she deserves it.)
I haven't had sex or food in days. I think I'll hop over to Burger Jack and order myself an angry whopper.


My girlfriend made me watch a J-Lo movie marathon. By the end, I was so pissed and hungry that I felt entitled to an angry whopper.
by Louija January 21, 2009
grudge fucking a fat girl.
A fat girl at a party cock blocked me because she wanted me. So the next day I gave her an angry whopper in a gas station bathroom and never spoke to her again.
by othello69 April 04, 2010
An angry whopper in when two people are havin intercorse and the man stops, puts hot sauce in her vagina, continues the intercorse, while eating a Burger King whopper.
My girlfriend dumped me after i gave her an angry whopper.
by pennykcampbell January 07, 2009
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