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Angry Nigger Syndrome is what niggers frequently experience when the reality of their nigger lifestyle nails them. Their life of crime such as stealing, rape, mugging, murder, drugs, etc. catches up with them. They refuse to assume any responsibility for their destructive culture and they just do what they see other niggers doing: BLAMING THE WHITE MAN. They use racism as their excuse to riot and loot, as if they need an excuse. With a 73% out-of-wedlock birth rate, they grow older without any parental guidance or education other than how to get free stuff from the system like welfare. A life of crime accepts them willingly and they end up dead or incarcerated.
There go the race pimps Sharpton and Jackson promoting angry nigger syndrome again by convincing the stupid niggers that they are the victims of the white man and that society owes them. The white man actually is to blame for lying down to these media whores who continue spewing their bullshit and influencing a society that gets even more divided with that nigger propaganda. The liberal media caters to these monkeys and also negatively influences young non-negro’s. You can pamper a wild animal (a good nigger analogy) or a spoiled brat to shut them up and they will continue to raise hell whenever they want something. How much longer can this country continue to afford to pamper these sub-human animals? A race war may be the only solution. A more peaceful solution would be mandatory sterilization.
by Larry major in Omaha October 31, 2013
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