When you are having sex with a girl and you're on top and you are about to cum, you light her hair (any hair will work) on fire, then you ejaculate into her hair whilst performing the meat spin!
DANNMMM!!! Carly hates me now for pullin' off a successfull angry fireman last night at that crazy ass party... HAHA!
by thaonekid November 06, 2009
Top Definition
The act of setting someones bodily hair alight and dousing the flames with the use of ones urine or semen
Mandy decided to light her bum fluff last night, so I ended up giving her the angry fireman!
by Rob69 July 26, 2004
What happens when you get a blow job, and you end up ejaculating so much, that the cum, reaches your arm pit.

Occasionally, it has been known to get in hair as well.
Dude, did you pull an angry fireman last night?!
by Bedford Austin February 24, 2011
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