When a guy gets really upset at small things, which generally lead to the shouting of an extended flow of curse words. Such is my problem. Plus it's a lot easier than "hulking up"
Theater Attendant: I'm sorry, but we are out of twizzlers.
Me: Motherfuckingshitwhorecockwranglingjizzdonkeylovingaffleckmonkeywang.
Theater Attendant: Oh wait, I found some.
Me: Score!
by Whitey October 02, 2003
Top Definition
1) a problem one has controlling his/her temper over trite and trivial concerns, usually resulting in broken walls and furniture as well as lots of swearing
2) physically assaulting someone for TKing you while playing Halo
3) threatening the well-being of said TKer for laughing about it
*angry Kevin gets TKed by Andy*
*Andy Laughs*
Kevin: what the fuck are laughing about, it's not fucking funny!
*Kevin hits TKer*
Kevin: don't fu cking do that again, or i will fuck your day up!
by K-Debit April 08, 2004
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